They don’t know how to handle sass from people outside their family.

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what i love about mythbusters is that once they bust a myth they manipulate their variables until something finally explodes bc we all know why you’re really watching this show

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littleletknown asked: I would love to know what happens when Darcy meets Bucky.


Bucky had been staying with Steve for exactly twelve hours when he met Darcy.

He scouted the kitchen twice before he ventured into it because he really, really didn’t want to run into Steve’s team of super-special-good-people. He waited through Steve grabbing his bottle of water and heading out for a run with Sam; Tony eating a microwaved burrito and heading to bead; Bruce and his bowl of yogurt; Natasha and Clint and their cereal (half of which Clint flicked at various spots around the room and some which Natasha batted away with her spoon); Thor and Jane and about six boxes of poptarts.

So he went rummaging in the cabinets when they all had wandered away. He had the bottle of orange juice in one hand and was hunting down a glass when Darcy appeared.

"Oh my god, listen to this," she said as she came in the room, popping one of her earbuds out of her ear. Without any more ado, she put the earbud in his ear.

"No, shut up," she said when he opened his mouth to protest. "Listen, jesus.”

So he did.

There was a sweet, honey voice singing over a sort of hypnotic pulsing beat. Not quite Lena Horne, but good. He couldn’t really pick out the lyrics.

"Look, if you don’t have room in your heart for disco roller derby odes to cunnilingus, I don’t wanna know you," said Darcy.

"…OK?" said Bucky.

"So you like it, right?" Darcy asked, grinning.

The song hit the chorus and, oh, an ode to cunnilingus, he saw what she was saying now. And, yeah, it was great.

He said so.

"Ten points to Gryffindor," she said and pulled the earbud away. "JARVIS, can you blast Bey out of every surface on this floor?"

"I feel I must inform you that this floor is occupied by others besides yourself and Sergeant Barnes," said the ceiling in a snooty British voice.

"So you can’t?" asked Darcy, winking at Bucky.

"I am well versed in this sort of manipulation, Miss Lewis," said the ceiling. Then the song began to blast from all sides.

Darcy grabbed Bucky by the metal hand and spun him around like he used to spin the girls in jazz clubs.

She played the song three times in a row, once while describing in minutiae what this Beyonce lady did during every frame of the music video. He could sing along with her by the third time through.

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we need to protect and defend anthony mackie at all costs because he is a wonderful person who acknowledges the importance of representation and diversity and he is so goddamn enthusiastic and excitable and lovely. mackie is a gift to this world and we must elevate him to superstar levels.

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olenna tyrell: killing a man at a wedding? that’s horrid! what sort of monster would do such a thing? *looks at the camera like she’s on the office*

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Nicki Minaj outfit for MTV movie awards 2014

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so there’s pink haired anime girl trying to avoid the first episode of her show, but what about white haired anime boy trying to avoid his oncoming death scene?

the first series being “Nope: the anime” and the sequel “Nope: not today”

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